The Rt Rev Foluso Taiwo, Anglican Bishop of Oke Osun 1955–2020

Gbenro Adegbola
4 min readNov 13, 2020

My heart bleeds at the death of my brother (my egbon by a not so slim margin) and valued friend.

We first met as young adults at Radio Nigeria in Ibadan, where I was serving my NYSC after being transferred from Plateau state. A year later, we both got employed by the newly established Television Service of Oyo State as pioneer staff.

Together we all made history defining the gold standard of broadcast delivery as at then. Then came the aftermath of the elections of mid 1983 that saw a new government installed in October, and in its wisdom, embarked on a mass sack of key staff. We were though to be too emotionally invested in the outgone regime and were responsible for sustainning it’s huge popularity. We simply couldn’t be trusted!

We were all reinstated after the eventual military coup that took place at the end of that year. Foluso returned to TSOS/BCOS, while I went back to school and eventually ended up in book publishing.

At the creation of Osun State, Foluso moved to Osogbo with the newly created Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. He later became a tent maker priest of the Anglican Church, still working at the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation.

The relatively new Anglican province of Nigerian, which had earlier been created out of the old province of West Africa about ten years before, sought to improve its central communications and outreach efforts.

Foluso’s broadcast skills stood him out as one of the men for the job. He was made a Cannon for the task, and transferred to Abuja as manager of Crowther Radio.

He was ultimately appointed Director of Communication, Church of Nigeria, while simultaneously serving as Vicar and Archdeacon in the Church of the Holy Cross, Wuye, as well as being a regular anchor on the churche’s Advent Cable Network Nigeria (ACNN TV).

Late last year he was preferred and consecrated Bishop of Oke Osun. I was so happy and proud. We hadn’t been in touch for a few years and I sought unsuccessfully to get his phone number to congratulate him.

Now, I will have to look for Funmi’s number (and can’t say again, I couldn’t find if), to commiserate with her.

I was Bestman at their lovely wedding those many years ago at St David’s Church, Kudeti.

Our friendship was warm and devoid of the pain of betrayal and let down, at least not on his part; but can the same be said for me?

I’m heartbroken at my carelessness and levity, which made it happen that I couldn’t even rejoice with Foluso at the zenith of his priestly assignment.

I ask your forgiveness, my dear FT. I ask God for grace, and time for amendment. Please pray for me, FT.

Foluso you had nothing in you but goodwill, kind and good words to all, at all times.

Now you have reached the goal. Rest well, my dear friend Foluso Oke Osun+ (as you would have had to be signing lately).

May your wonderful soul rise in glory at the resurrection. 🕯✝️



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